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Fish Chiller Bags


Mini Chiller Fish Bag

Mini Chiller Fish Bag

Mini Chiller Fish Bag

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The Mini Chiller Fish Bag


This Fish Chiller Bag is designed to store your fish catch in a hygienic environment ensuring fresher, long lasting fish.

  • This insulated bag hold ice for days
  • Ideal for boats small or large
  • 1m long
  • Flared bottom ensures standing 
  • Insulated with 1/2" dense foam
  • UV Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Drain spout
  • Filler spout for easy cleaning
  • Folding for easy storage

Bag Dimensions in cm: 100(L)x40(H)x20 (base)

Other Available Bag Dimensions in cm:

  • Micro -75(L)x40(H)x20(base) (no bung)
  • Mini -100(L)x40(H)x20(base) 
  • Midi -150(L)x40(H)x30(base) 
  • Midi+ -150(L)x50(H)x30(base) 
  • Maxi -200(L)x60(H)x40(base) 





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