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Pakula Original Hotheads

Pakula Original Hothead® Series


These hard head resin heads are an upgraded re-release of The Original Pakula Lures, so successfull they are the most copied range of lures in the history of Game Fishing, introducing legends such as the Sprocket, Rat, Animal, Smoking Jo, Cockroach, Uzi etc. These are the lures that made Pakula a world recognized leader in Big Game Fishing. Up until June 2012 each lure was hand poured and hand polished in the same way the lures were originally made, and in the same time tested and proven shapes, with some modifications, originally developed by Peter Pakula.

This is not to say they are the SAME lures they used to be because they're not. They are even better because we are teaming them up with the latest UV2, our trade mark Lumo® and other enhancing additives in both heads and skirts. In June 2012 we took the leap and upgraded the full range to the most modern production sustems based on the Polyurethane system developed by Peter Pakula in 1997, but using the newest Polyurethane technology. This has been done without raising the price of the Pakula Original Hothead Series.This series also includes the Crystal UV2 Colours lures and the legend of lures, the Beer Barrel with Slap Skirts.
These lures are the Pakula HotHead Original Series with the distininctive Lumo® Eye. Please note that there are many copies of our lures, some of which are being passed off as original Pakula Lures. The print on all Pakula lure eyes is crisp, clear and easy to read. The copies usually have blurred unclear printing on the eyes.

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