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Pakula Oz Hippy Witchdoctor

Pakula Oz Hippy Witchdoctor

Pakula Oz Hippy Witchdoctor

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 Pakula Oz Hippy Witchdoctor

The Pakula Hippy Witchdoctor is now the 'GO TO' solution for exciting all species of predatory Game Fish including all species of Marlin, Spearfish., Mahi Mahi and all species of Tuna in just about every Game Fishing destination on the planet.

At all trolling speeds the Witchdoctor stays deep below the prop wash, sending out irresistible vibrations and flashing reflected shafts of light.

The Witchdoctor Teaser was Peter Pakula's first invention in around 1969, initially designed for use while trolling live and dead baits, yet after all these years the Pakula Witchdoctor is now accepted as the best fish exciter for all fluorescent blue and purple light in all directions, and unlike any other teaser, it never comes to the surface to interfere and tangle with trolling lines. 

This new range of Witchdoctors are once again made from timber in Australia.

Bag and Tow rope are not included. 


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