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Esca Squid

Esca Squid

Esca Squid

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Esca® Squid 

Two Esca® Squids in one pack.

As an accessory to the Esca® attractor lights, Esca® Squid is developed and made from robust translucent rubber into which the Esca® unit (sold separately) can be inserted.

It makes Esca® Squid easy to swap between the various Esca® light wavelength and frequency variants. 

The imitation Esca® Squid is very lifelike and in combination with scented bait, cage with bait powder, krill, real shrimp or squid will improve your chances of getting a bite.

Try using the Esca® Squid on a hanger combined with a jig/spinner and an Esca® lure light at the bottom.

Super soft and biodegradable, these Esca Squid lures are a must have item in your tacklebox. (store out of direct sunlight)

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