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10m Chain Sock Black

10m Chain Sock Black

10m Chain Sock Black

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Anchor Chain Sock 

Stop that horrible chain clang with these Australian made chain socks.

These chain socks are available to suit 6mm and 8mm short link chain in a 10m length

Using a chain sock helps prevent damage to your gelcoat or gunwales when retrieving your anchor over the side of the boat.

They also help your anchor rollers last a lot longer and stop that clanging noise when you are letting the anchor out.

They also eliminate much of the noise on the seabed and they also help preventing the chain from scaring the fish.

These are a must have item for anyone who uses an anchor.

Please use the selection box above to purchase the correct chain sock size for your chain.

Longer lengths are available upon request.  


  • 10m x 6mm
  • 10m x 8mm 

 How To Install Your Anchor Chain Sock


Note: Anchor Swivel in image is not included. 


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