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Gunnel Mount Outrigger Bases

Gunnel Mount Outrigger Bases

Gunnel Mount Outrigger Bases

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These ReelTackle Gunnell Mount Outrigger Bases are the perfect choice for boats of any length.
Made from highly polished marine grade 316g stainless steel, they are suitable for any boat and can be mounted on the gunnels, side of the cab, on a hardtop or even off the side of a rocket launcher.
These outrigger bases are designed for ease of use and reliability. The spline system allows them to be adjusted to approx 20 different positions.
It only takes a few seconds to deploy your poles.
The base fixes to your boat and the pole end is fixed to the poles which means you can remove your outrigger poles for ease of storage and travelling.
  • Suit up to 40mm Outrigger poles 
  • 5 Year Warranty

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