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Ventafish Venting Tool Including Spare Needles

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Ventafish Venting Tool Including Spare Needles
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Ventafish Venting Tool Including Spare Needles

The State-of-the-Art VENTAFISH™ was designed by avid recreational fishermen looking to conserve our fisheries for generations to come while keeping anglers safe.

State of the Art

ventafish Each component of the VENTAFISH™ was designed with a specific purpose in mind; safety, ease of use, durability, and effectiveness

The VENTAFISH™ combines the latest in structural technology to provide a strong and durable tool that will last for years. We have combined this state-of-the-art design with the world's finest UV stabilized materials made specifically for the marine environment. 

After hundreds of hours of research and design, we are excited to share this state-of-the-art sportsman's tool with each of you! The VENTAFISH™ is a tool no angler should be without.

Easy and Safe

How do we vent escaping air through the VENTAFISH™ without the flow being obstructed by the angler's hand?ventafish

How do we ensure the VENTAFISH™ is easy to use when you are offshore and seas are 4-6 feet? After thoughtful consideration, we placed the vent holes at the front of the VENTAFISH™. This state of the art design feature ensures the anglers hand will not obstruct the flow of air during use. We placed 3 vent holes on each side of the VENTAFISH™ to allow for the quick diffusion of the fish's swim bladder.

The inclusion of a true 45 degree front end made the tool easy to use. An angler need only ensure the front end of the VENTAFISH™ is parallel to the fish in the appropriate location (see instructions here). By doing this, the angler ensures the needle penetrates the fish at the REQUIRED* 45 degree angle behind the pectoral fin.

Unlike some other fish venting tools on the market today, you don't have to guess what a 45 degree angle is when trying to vent a fish.

The result of our research and development is a state of the art, patent pending design that is both safe for anglers and effective on fish of all species and sizes (when venting is needed).

Needle Easily Changed - Don't Buy Another Unit!

ventafishThe needle gauge and length used to vent a fish is of critical importance for a variety of reasons:

1. The amount of damage done to the fish during the venting process (type of needle and length)

2. The amount of time it takes to vent the air bladder (gauge of the needle)

3. The ease of use when replacing the needle once it begins to dull (from repeated use)

We also took into account the recommendations of some of the leading research and scientific literature on the subject of venting techniques. Some researchers, biologists, and conservation agencies have determined that a needle larger than 16 gauge may cause undue damage to the fish while providing little, if any, additional benefit. It is reccommend to use a 16 gauge hypodermic needle assembly.

The result of our research led us to use a PROVEN medical grade, non-sterile hypodermic 16 gauge needle approximately 1.5 inches in length. The needle interfaces with the unit via the universally accepted luer connector. Some other units on the market may claim their needle is better than a hypodermic needle, however medical grade hypodermic needles have a proven track record. Some other fish venting tools have not proven their needles have improved upon this proven medical technology. As a convenience to our fellow anglers, we are offering these PROVEN hypodermic replacement needles through our website."

When a needle begins to dull from repeated use, it is sometimes easier and more effective to replace the entire needle assembly. Some other venting tools on the market today do not allow you to replace the needle assembly. Some tools require that you grind the needle down to a new, sharp point with a steel file or similar sharpening device. This process may be unsafe for the angler and may not ensure the proper leading edge and bevel is maintained. Failure to grind a competitor's needle edge to the proper bevel may dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the tool and may place future fish in danger of being unduly injured during the venting process (coring or removing a piece of the fishes flesh). Once some of our competitors' needles have dulled (sometimes within one summer season depending on the amount of use - not proven by independent tests) they require costly replacement of the entire venting or fizzing tool.

The VENTAFISH™ design ensures anglers can easily acquire and safely replace the needle virtually anytime.

Separates Easily For Quick Cleaning

ventafishThe VENTAFISH™ disjoints in the middle and allows the angler to easily and safely replace dull needles. Our design also allows for easy cleaning of the tool. Simply disjoint the VENTAFISH™, place both parts in a cup or bucket of mild, soapy detergent or diluted bleach solution for safe and effective cleaning. We used only the highest grade UV stabilized polymers to ensure harsh cleaning chemicals would not erode the look or structural integrity of the VENTAFISH™. You only have to buy the VENTAFISH™ once!





Safely Store Your VENTAFISH™

Safety was our number one priority while designing the VENTAFISH™. We have included a high impact, clear polycarbonate cap to ensure no accidental stickings take place while the unit is being stored or transported.

When engaged, the cap prevents the external plunger assembly from being pressed down. This completely eliminates the chance the needle will be engaged during storage or transport.

The cap includes a molded clip that allows you to safely store and securely transport the VENTAFISH™ on your person without any fancy or costly holsters.

Easily and Safely Handled

ventafishHave you ever tried to use an all-metal or plastic tool (no grip included) aboard your boat when your hands are wet and slimy? We have and it's not something we like doing either! We took this into account during the design process. 

Our solution to this common, unsafe, and annoying problem was the inclusion of an oversized rubber grip. Even when your hands are slimy, you can use the VENTAFISH™ with confidence! Gripped properly, you do not have to worry about the VENTAFISH™ sliding out of your hand and falling overboard. More importantly, you do not have to worry about the tool slipping while you are in the process of venting a fish (causing possible undue damage).

We have highlighted this grip in cobalt blue so it stands out against the rest of the tool. Grip your VENTAFISH™ with confidence everytime!

Package Includes: 

  • 1  Ventafish Tool
  • 10 Spare Needles 
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