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Makka Paravane

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Makka Paravane
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Makka Paravane

Makka Paravanes

The best invention since the fish hook. Go deeper…Go faster…Go to where the fish are.

Use one of our revolutionary stainless-steel Makka Paravanes today and fish like a professional.

They are long lasting and virtually indestructible!

To set up your new hand-crafted Paravane just attach about 10 to 12m of 100lb mono trace to the base plate using a swivel, and on the end of the trace tie your Makka Spoon using a swivel.

The swivels will reduce the twist in your leader.

You should also use a couple of metres of heavy leader from your braid to your Paravane, and then tie this leader onto the large brass ring on the Paravane.

This will help prevent the loss of your gear should you get too close to a pylon or a snag. 

Available in 2 sizes, small and large with an average diving depth of around 9 meters at 6 knots. 

Paravane Dimensions

Small: 100mm x 65mm

Large: 150mm x 85mm 





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