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Reelax Rod Holders

ATT Customers.

Reelax are currently out of stock of all outrigger poles and HD Angled Rod Holders.

Please call us if you would like to discuss any of these items before purchase

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Rod Holder Flush Mount Heavy Angled (RX52001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.2a
$129.32 $146.95

Rod Holder Flush Mount Heavy Straight (RX52002)

ID: V2-reelax 5.2b
$143.70 $163.30

Rod Holder Flush Mount HD Angled with Drain

ID: V2-RX56000
$172.44 $195.95

Rod Holder Insert Angled (RX53001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3a
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Insert Straight (RX53002)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3b
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Sealing Cap And Gasket (RX53003)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3c
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Swivel SS (RX55000)

ID: V2-reelax 5.5
$136.18 $154.75

Rod Holder Flush Mount Drains (RX50001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.a
$39.47 $44.85
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