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Reelax Rod Holders

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Rod Holder Flush Mount Heavy Angled (RX52001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.2a
$129.32 $146.95

Rod Holder Flush Mount Heavy Straight (RX52002)

ID: V2-reelax 5.2b
$143.70 $163.30

Rod Holder Flush Mount HD Angled with Drain

ID: V2-RX56000
$172.44 $195.95

Rod Holder Insert Angled (RX53001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3a
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Insert Straight (RX53002)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3b
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Sealing Cap And Gasket (RX53003)

ID: V2-reelax 5.3c
$13.00 $13.75

Rod Holder Swivel SS (RX55000)

ID: V2-reelax 5.5
$136.18 $154.75

Rod Holder Flush Mount Drains (RX50001)

ID: V2-reelax 5.a
$39.47 $44.85
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